Giles Consulting International was established in 1991 and specialises in business and economic consulting services to public and private sector clients in the areas of:

  • Urban economics including economic development
  • Labour force and employment analysis with a focus on the jobs of the future
  • Industry analysis and development including industry oriented market research
  • Strategic and business planning and feasibility assessments
  • Business management
  • Public policy advice including submissions and reports

The glue that holds these strands together is the desire to develop resilient businesses and communities that can face the future with confidence.

Giles Consulting International provides services in these areas to major corporations, Commonwealth, State and Local governments, industry associations as well as for small business and community groups.

Where the project requires a broader skill set, Giles Consulting International works with a small number of high quality consultants to provide complementary skills that will meet the needs of the client.