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Giles Consulting International is a small consultancy providing dedicated client services  based on a clear understanding of the project objective, rigorous assessment of data and context to support sound conclusions and clear action oriented recommendations. Our work is responsive, objective and independent.

Giles Consulting International is differentiated by providing high value dedicated personal service to clients. Our CEO prepares the proposal, personally supervises the work and is accountable for the outcomes. Most of our business is repeat business and we enjoy our work.

John Giles  B.Com, BA, MBA, MAcct 

Staff Resources

John Giles

John Giles has extensive senior management and project experience, bringing together business and economics for over 20 years consulting to the public and private sectors. His experience includes business and strategic planning, business improvement, economic planning, financial analysis, urban and regional development and industry and technology development with particular attention to the development of “futures” oriented industries that provide the basis for sustainable economic growth. In this regard John is particularly interested in the role that education and training play in improving economic and social outcomes.
John also has extensive involvement in the planning and development sector and the relationship between the urban fabric and employment and economic outcomes.
John has degrees in Commerce and Arts from Melbourne University and Masters degrees in Business Administration and Accounting from Bond University. John also attended the Melbourne Business School at Mt Eliza.


Where the projects require additional resources, other highly regarded consultants are bought together to provide a multidisciplinary team response. Based on long term working relationships, Giles Consulting International has undertaken a number of projects with valued colleagues where complementary skills and abilities provide enhanced outcomes for clients. These include Foresight Partners, Urban Systems and Better Cities Group. John has worked with teams comprising economists, social planners, town planners, educators, architects, engineers and those from the creative industries.