Economic Planning and Development

Economic Development

  • Regional opportunities arising from the Asian Century
  • Gold Coast Economic Diversification Strategy
  • Gold Coast Economic Development Strategy
  • North Lakes Economic Development
  • North Lakes Employment Strategies
  • Urban Revitalisation Plan
  • Brisbane Urban Renewal
  • Brisbane Airport commercial and economic development strategy
  • Review of local government economic development models

Socio Demographic

  • Analysis of Census and other data
  • Labour force and employment projections
  • Social Impact Assessment for proposed mining based accommodation
  • Youth in need
  • Location and catchment analysis
  • Community needs analysis

Cost Benefit and Economic Impact

  • Cost benefit for master planned community planning options
  • Economic impact for proposed residential developments
  • Economic impact of proposed Film Museum
  • North Lakes employment and economic impacts
  • Economic impact of internet gambling

Commercial Needs Assessments

  • Commercial land use assessments
  • Town Centre Frame commercial development
  • North Lakes small lot housing policy and needs
  • Major Town Centre economic and commercial development strategy
  • Housing needs for a regional mining area
  • Gold Coast TAFE Institute infrastructure development plan
  • Review of proposed land uses in a major commercial assessment

Strategic Planning

  • Queensland Government infrastructure pricing regulations and guidelines
  • Gold Coast infrastructure pricing framework
  • Review of a regional Council’s long term Strategy Framework
  • Review of a major Regional Council Draft Planning Scheme
  • Marine precinct strategy review
  • Net community benefit assessment for uses outside the planning urban footprint
  • Review of Gold Coast transport mobility implementation
  • Commercial uses for a proposed major Town Centre